A correct sterilisation treatment and the quality of the down are both extremely important. Therefore, feathers and down are subject to a process that includes the washing of the raw materials, sterilisation and classification carried out by our various European associates.
We focus our efforts on achieving to offer our customers the highest quality, certified by having succeeded in passing the laboratory’s controls. Different tests are carried out and sampling are taken from each batch in order to guarantee the downs suitability, such as: transparency, oily residues, volume, size of the down, feather and down percentage, etc.
The different fabrics of our covers and pillows undergo resistance tests, premature ageing or fraying and waterproof tests.
To produce our down quilts and pillows, we use unique machinery, 70% of which is developed by our R+D Department. Thanks to this, we have an annual production rate of over a 300.000-unit in one work shift.

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