What is the origin of the down used by Ferdown to manufacture its quilts and pillows?

Ferdown only selects raw feather and down from different European countries such as: France, Germany, Hungary and even northern Spain.
The European down’s biggest assets, when compared to Asian down, are: sponginess and lightness, thus providing higher insulation properties. In addition, it guarantees having gone through a cleaning and sterilization process required by the European regulations.

Feather or Down quilt?

A down quilt should never be filled only with feathers. This kind of bedding products can be found at very low prices in big shopping centres. It is a very heavy quilt with hardly any thermic-isolation properties and a very low anti-perspiration effectiveness, and therefore it has a very short life span.
Ferdown’s quilts are filled with adult birds’ down, which offers a very light and high performance insulation properties that avoid perspiration for a long time, being as good as new throughout its life span.

What is the reason for such a big difference in price between apparently similar products?

If you were to purchase an oak-aged Chardonnay rated by Parker, you would surely not question it costing 7 times more than an inexpensive white table wine. Both are white wines, but you can hardly compare them.

In terms of down, exactly the same occurs. Within the industries’ market standards, the price of goose down is three times more expensive than duck down, and twenty times higher than feather. Likewise, there is also a great difference in price between European and Asian downs, the latter being much smaller in size and of poorer quality.

The more you pay when purchasing any down bedding product, the higher quality and larger life span you acquire. You will only need to invest that amount of money once in a lifetime.

Why is a down quilt a better choice than a synthetic one, or a blanket?

Main advantages:
-Higher insulation performance, thus much lighter.
-Much more adaptable and better stow-away compressibility.
-Highly recommended for those who suffer from home dust-mite allergy.
-Suitable for people who suffer from asthma.
-More comfort and better durability.
-Washable and high degree of cleanliness.

Is it really worth spending so much on a good down quilt?

Yes, indeed.
If we were to take what the down quilt costs and divide between the amount of nights we will use it, we can easily work out it is much more cost-effective than when compared to any other bedding piece, and therefore has a much larger life span.

Does the down smell?

When it has been just washed, and is still damp, it has a unique smell that disappears after dried and aired. Once unpacked, the down quilt will need airing in order to reach its natural fluffiness and offer its pleasant freshness.

Is it suitable for those who suffer from house dust-mite allergy?

Neither feather nor down are edible for house dust mites. Furthermore, the temperature conditions and its luminosity are not suitable for the dust mites’ development. Apart from the fact that the material used is an extremely efficient barrier against them.

Doctor Jürgens,H.W., from the Kiel University, Germany, carried out research on the down’s house dust mite efficiency with 192 down pillows. As a result, 78% of the samples having no trace of mites and the remaining 22% of the samples showed such insignificant infestation levels that they were discarded from being a threat to any allergy. The results given after testing down quilts were very similar.

According to Kemp, T.J. publication in the “British Medical Journal”, an English medical periodical, polyester pillows contain much higher mite allergenic levels than down pillows.

What about those who suffer from Asthma?

Beta-glucan’s presence in the air has proven to be related to asthmatic symptoms: sore throat, dry cough, itchiness, nasal irritation, fatigue and both lung and breathing disorders.
According to Heyes, J. publication in the Journal of Asthma, 46:1, 64-66, on his research on down-filled bedding clothes, there are minor concentrations of Beta-glucan than those in synthetic filling.
This research was carried out in Wellington, New Zealand, where samples were taken from pillows and quilts from different households. From then on, Beta-glucane proved to have much higher levels in synthetic pillows, as much as two or three times more than in any down pillows. Furthermore, in the case of synthetic quilts, the levels increased from seven to eight times more than those of the down quilts.

Can a down quilt be too warm?

Down does not cause heat; its insulation attributes maintain an ideal temperature. Down offers exceptional transpiration properties due to its structure.
The adequate filling quantity is extremely important when taking into account where it will be used during sleep. If a high quantity filled duvet were to be used in a warm room, this could cause excessive perspiration.

Does Ferdown produce quilts with different down quantity?

Ferdown manufactures standard filling quantity down quilts, suitable for winter weather conditions in Spain.
In addition, for warmer seasons as Spring and Autumn, there is also a range of lighter quilts with lower down quantity, as well as a warmer variety for those who feel the cold above the average.
For those of you who may want to use a down quilt all year round, we can make your wish come true with our Four Seasons COMBI line of products, which are formed by two independent and very light quilts with different down quantity; one warmer than the other and suitable for each season, according to the weather conditions, or else joining them together them with the snap fasteners included on all the seams.

Size and filling quantity choice?

Apart from the usual standard measurements, we also manufacture especial tailor-made down quits.
If required, we also customise the filling quantity to suit preferences.


Although it may seem strange, the down is not what offers thermic-isolation, but the infinite amount of air chambers formed by high quality down is what makes the difference. In order to maintain the product in perfect conditions, it is necessary to air periodically. Fluffing the product frequently will keep it as good as new and guarantee a longer life span.
In warm weather, please store completely dry and aired in a cotton bag.


Our down quilts are easy to wash. It is advisable to use a soft detergent in warm water, not exceeding 30° C. (86° F.), spin-dry completely and air.
It is essential to dry completely in the spin-drier; if not, the down will lose its fluffiness and volume, becoming compacted; if so, then wash again and follow the drying process correctly in order to make the quilt as good as new.

Is it worthwhile spending more on a good quality down-pillow, instead of a cheaper one?

The fact is that there are no bargains in the down world, and we should acknowledge it as being so. The more you pay for a pillow the better the resilience, and therefore the higher comfort. The difference in price can range from 10 to 1, and the satisfaction achieved with one, will not be reached with the other. To purchase a long lasting high quality pillow, you only need to invest once in a blue moon.

How often should pillows be changed?

Pillows gradually lose their properties because of use and, especially, in the case of those used by people whose sleeping habit is to place an arm under the pillow, causing the pillows’ degeneration to become unnoticed.

We suggest the following test in order to know if the pillow maintains its properties:
– Down pillows: Take the pillow, once fluffed and shaken, and fold it in half on a rigid surface –fold into three if it is a double bed pillow- compress the pillow completely and then let go. If the pillow maintains its adequate firmness properties, it will unfold and go back to its original position. If it stays folded, it is useless.
– Polyester pillows: Follow the previous instructions but, before letting go, press the pillow with a weight of about 300 grs. (10 oz.) -a medium sized trainer or tennis-shoe equals the weight-; a pillow with the adequate firmness will manage to spring back to its original shape and throw the trainer off.

Why avoid purchasing cheaper pillows?

Although most pillows look very much the same at first sight, there are significant differences from one to another.
The most important feature for any down or feather pillow, even in the case of a latex flake filled pillow, is that it should adapt to our cervical vertebrae without causing any pressure, whereas in other cases it is up to the person to adapt to the pillow.
The durability and resilience of these pillows are relatively superior to those filled with synthetic fibres.

Pillow handling and washing.

Please follow the above-mentioned instructions for down quilts since they are also suitable for pillows.