When referring to geese, this includes both the male and female. The quality of the down is not affected by the gender of the bird. In some countries they use the term goose whereas in others, such as in Spain, they use geese. In general, goose down is considered to have better quality than duck down, is this true? The bigger the down is the better, due to the fact that the larger the down flake is the more volume it has, plus the much vaster amount of air chambers there are. Likewise, the bigger the down is the less quantity is required to fill the down quilt and the lighter it will be. If comparing two down quilts as far as volume is concerned, the lighter one also has the higher quality.

Therefore, goose down can be considered to be better than ducks’ down, due to being larger in size. But, this is not always so and there is a very simple reason for this, since European ducks can be much larger than adult Asian geese and, consequently, the duck down’s size is also larger. Moreover, European ducks and geese offer their best down once they have reached their adulthood, whereas in the case of Asia, especially China, geese are slaughtered a few weeks after hatching and this means the down is still growing and is much smaller. Most of the cheap down quilts found at large shopping centres come from China.